1. Name: The name of the College shall be “INDIAN COLLEGE OF RADIOLOGY & IMAGING.
  2. Office : The office of the College shall be at the IRIA House, C-5, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi – 110016
  3. Objectives: The Indian College of Radiology & Imaging shall be the Academic wing of the Indian Radiological & Imaging Association.
  • It shall wholly devote its academic activities to the promotion, practice and advancement in the science of Radiodiagnosis and Imaging modalities like Ultrasonography, CT, MRI, Interventional Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Applied Physics and Radiation Biology and other Imaging modalities as they develop, along with Radiotherapy, Oncology and other nonsurgical methods of management of malignant disease as well as Applied Physics and Radiation Biology
  • It shall deal with all academic matters, formulate syllabi for undergraduate and post-graduate teaching and make suitable recommendations for its acceptance to the National Board of Examinations, Medical Council of India, Universities and National Academy of Medical Sciences.

  • It shall organize academic meetings such as seminars, symposia & workshops in different parts of the country in the subjects listed in Part I, Para 4. It shall also keep itself appraised of the academic activities of other International Bodies and keep the members posted about recent advances.

  • Additionally the ICRI shall request ICRI Fellows & Speakers from the Speaker Bank to participate in exclusive ICRI conducted theme based One Day Intensive Teaching programs for 5-6 hours at any Teaching Institution in India requesting for special teaching to their students, trainees & faculty.

  • The College shall institute Traveling Fellowships, Awards and Medals for post-graduate students and young specialists on one hand and senior teachers on the other in an effort to augment the teaching and training programmes. It shall also invite innovative and research studies from members of the Association for suitable awards and certificates.

  • The College shall confer “Fellowships” to the selected members based on the recommendation of the Credential Committee.

  • The College shall collect outstanding works of academic interest, prepare technical protocols of Radiology & Imaging scanning practices, Standard modality based reporting formats relevant to Pan India practices, white papers on exclusive Indian & Tropical diseases, teaching aids and make them available to the members at nominal fees. The same may also be made available to non-members at a premium decided by the Governing Body of the College from time to time.

  • The College shall explore the possibility of editing a multi-authored textbook on the subjects mentioned in Part I, Para 4.

  • The College shall explore the possibility of organizing training programmes for the Technologists and liaise with the   Industrial Establishments dealing with the specialty concerned to provide a bi-directional practical training, both at the shop floor and hospital level.

  • It shall accept donations and organize events to raise funds for the financial assistance of it’s academic activities.

  • In any dispute, the matter will be placed before the IRIA and its decision will be final.