Archives of last years ICRI teaching programs

Archives of last years ICRI teaching programs

Dear Members,

As committed our Archives of last years ICRI teaching programs is ready.

This is the flyer with link for subscription to our ICRI teaching programs which were scheduled from 1st February 2021 till date and the cost includes all webinars consented by faculties till 31st January 2022.

These archives can be subscribed by individual lecture, individual sessions like Anatomy, Physics, Chest Imaging and also includes all one year program package also.

These archives can be purchased by clicking the link and paying by various options mentioned and whatever needed for stipulated time.

Details of these subscription is given in the flyer along with the link.

Note: This is only ARCHIVES SUBSCRIPTION not valid for our daily LIVE teaching programs which needs to be subscribed separately.

Please read instructions carefully before subscribing especially for validity time of that particular video.


Dr. V.N. Varaprasad
Chairman ICRI

Dr. Sikandar Shaikh
Secretary ICRI